Limitations when Teaching Students with Special Needs
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How to make a Funny Salad

What do you think you can do this at home and it could be arts and crafts for the family? Whatever you want. So remember, I got to tell you, my best friend, C.C., I’ve been going to her for all types of information when it comes to cooking. Because she is, she could be a chef. She knows everything there is about food. She’s my go to girl. I’ll call her C.C.. I want to make French onion soup, then edit it up. C.c., I want to do an apple pie. It anything so we can be your go to girls, too. I can be your go to person for anything. Subscribe now.

How to Make a FUNNY SALAD 👉
Coaching People with Special Needs

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coaching people with special needs

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Coaching People with Special Needs
Kristian Rendon [Student]

Our experts share ideas and coaching techniques that in their experience have proven to help people with special needs to participate in mainstream society while developing skills for a healthy lifestyle.

Coaching People with Autism
Denson Santos [Student]

Our aim is to impact and continuously engage diverse populations/communities. It allows everyone to congregate in a virtual space where you share your affinities, aspire to establish new relationships and have access to new trends and knowledge.

Coaching People with Special Needs
Haydee Santana [Student]

Our open platform fosters equal access to health, fitness and wellbeing while revolutionizing the way we engage and effectively interact with people with special needs.

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Limitations when Teaching Students with Special Needs
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Ms Perez has helped my son a lot at school… and it has been great for Joaquin’s learning disability. It's given him more confidence, he stays in shape, and he enjoys the running team.

Maria Velilla

"My son has autism and he loves the training and the working out and it helps focus more and be more relaxed and help relieve stress. "

Jameky Sesler

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