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Twitter has managed to differentiate itself from the rest of the existing social networks. The follow-ups are not reciprocal as it happens in other social networks. The hashtag system is one of the keys to Twitter’s success and differentiation from other social networks. This has allowed easy integration with other media, for example, television programs that develop hashtags with the topics covered for comment on Twitter.

The case of Best Buy in the USA is an interesting way to integrate twitter into your content campaign in a meaningful way, exposing the power of these hashtags in terms of customer service.

The chain of electronics and computer stores had moments of low sales, which used to coincide with their clients’ moments of leisure and work, since they were in their offices. At the same time, the store employees spent long hours wandering through stores with no customers to attend, a situation that generated stress and demotivation. Each employee carried a smartphone in their pocket during their working hours. These employees had worked for years establishing the confidence of their consumers, who many times asked for their advice before making the final purchase decision. Someone from Best Buy came up with the idea of creating a hashtag to receive all customer inquiries and resolve all their doubts when deciding on the purchase of any electronic device. This strategy could have branched out into concrete doubts, such as which television should I buy? Or what memory should my next iPad have? Instead it focused on a generic hashtag in which employees could reply via Twitter to their customers and thus guide their purchasing decisions.

Twitter Social Media Strategy

This is an example of highly successful and highly impactful spontaneous action online marketing that helped improve user satisfaction rates that, at any time available, they could write their questions and queries. 💬

Social Media Strategy for Twitter

The social media strategy helped improve employee motivation and facilitated the building of personal relationships between employees and customers. Now they could see each other on their Twitter profiles and know who is who on either side of the social network.
Celebrity profiles and those most popular as opinion leaders can market sponsored messages on Twitter or sell the exploitation of their profiles directly. Sponsored advertisements / messages from Twitter can be purchased from Twitter itself or from independent companies that have contact with relevant and famous Twitter users from different fields.

Social Media Twitter

Twitter Trending Topic

One of the peculiarities of Twitter is the identification of hot and hugely popular topics, this is called “Twitter Trending Topic” and it consists of the most commented, most widespread and most talked about trends on current issues. You can become a Trending Topic by the minute, by the hour, by the day, by city, by region or by country.

To achieve this recognition of the network it is necessary that many people use the same hashtag as a backbone of the subject in question. When many people comment and disseminate the text it becomes a trend and the scandals, news and participation in television programs usually create quickly Fleeting Trending Topics, the more scandalous the better.

Content for Social Media, Twitter

If we own an Online Business, it is recommended to listen carefully to what is happening on Twitter, since it can be a great ally to help you improve your sales. Someone who takes care of your profile on Twitter may have their own means of communication to use it for commercial purposes if they so desire.
Twitter is loaded with its own codes in addition to the Trending Topic, one of them is Follow Friday and it consists that a network of followers who create or share their interest in the content, is recommended to follow a certain profile with the #FF hashtag,, this occurs on Fridays.

Content for Twitter

Twitter demands fun content of high informative value or fun, but not purely commercial. Commercial messages on Twitter must be an exception and managed with great caution, it is attraction marketing. It is not a pressure marketing, like traditional marketing. When someone wants to include in you in their tweet or comment a reference to you or your store or mention you so you are aware of that mention, they will use the @ sign before using your name, for example “@ digitalmedia365.”
Clicking on the @ sign you will see all the activity related to your profile, from the new tweets that have been mentioned to new followers that have decided to include you among the selected ones.

Twitter for e-commerce strategy

Twitter and e-commerce

Twitter has totally untapped or little explored e-commerce possibilities at the moment. For example, profiles or hashtags such as “sunglasses” or ads by words could be created to promote the circulation of ads by words. Or novel formulas such as, @Productoftheweek or #MITALosMejorerlentesdesol.
Or promote this way of buying other products and create something similar to #FF of Follow Friday but with commercial objectives.

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